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12-20-2015 12-52-41 PM

Leo Luganskiy, born in Stalingrad, Russia, moved to the U.S. to pursue his passion for music and film. Seeking to explore creative avenues that help others get to the truth of our being. Believes that film and music are channels designed to spread important messages to others about finding the truth and the right path in life.

His musical influences come largely from bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Def Tones, Breaking Benjamin, and Moby. He greatly enjoys music with strong vocals, meaning, messages, stories, and emotion.

Much of his inspiration from music comes from films written by directors such as Christopher Nolan, David Lynch, and David Fincher. He also has a great appreciation for the writing behind television series such as Dexter, Mr. Robot, Hanibal, and The Following because of their focus on exploring important dimensions of the human consciousness.

Leo’s passion, ultimately, is exploring the human soul and existence to identify and quantify all it’s beauty, splendor, and faults, and help others understand these characteristics deeply, so they can examine their own pathology, and correct their course to their true path. He dives deep into common emotions of such as abandonment, love, deceit, and heartbreak. And how these hopes and broken expectations lead to melancholy and and sadness. Speaking to people that were deceived and broken by other who they trusted. People who lied about love.

When not working, Leo is enjoying his pursuit of living a healthy life, enjoying a vegan based diet, focusing on exercise routines, and spending time with the people that inspire him. He is an avid contributor to the arts such as the MoMa and attends numerous charitable events in the city.

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